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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Building Better Blocks Class

I apologize for my blog absence this week, my little angel Abby has been very ill. It came on very suddenly but she is at home and feeling a lot better!

Despite my crazy week I was able to go to the class I had previously signed up for. It is Building Better Blocks with Minay Sirois and is three weeks long. This class will hopefully teach me how to make more complex blocks than the simple ones I have been making, as well as give me more confidence in my quilting abilities.
So here are the pictures of the two blocks we have made. The first one is the barn door block:

The second one is the bow tie block:

I must note that all of the blocks in this class are just for education purposes and are not going to be used in a quilt so I have used cheap fabric from Hancock's.

I hope every one has had a great week and weekend!


  1. They look great! Even with cheap fabric:) Glad your dog is feeling better!

  2. Hi Christine I am so glad your Abby is doing better. Love your blocks. Sounds like you are having fun.

  3. I love Minay. She is so talented you'll be glad you took the course with her!
    See you soon.


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