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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Headed to a small texas town!

Abby and I are headed to Belton, Texas today to spend my last week off with my dear friends, who are also Abby's breeders. They just returned home today from a dog show near Dallas. She absolutely loves to go to the farm and play with her relatives. She will get to spend the week with her Mother, brother, two of her sisters and her nephew.
Sandy (the human) also quilts and has helped to teach me. So I will be spending the week quilting and learning to applique. I will also be attending UFO day on Wednesday at their local quilt shop where I learned to quilt. So needless to say I'm excited to get to go visit my quilting friends and make new ones.
I'll be posting pictures and updates from Belton!

P.S. Did anyone else notice today is 1/11/11?

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  1. What fun, I like that area! Enjoy your trip, can't wait to see photos!! :)


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