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Friday, January 14, 2011

Adorable Quilted Baby Boots

We are home from our small town fun. Before we left we made these adorable quilted baby boots.
They where pretty easy and of course fun to make. I got this Curby's Closet pattern from Quilters Crossing.

We had problems finding Western fabrics but finally came across this little buckaroo flannel fabric at Hancocks. I did the pointy toe option but you could also do a round toe. I'm going to try to find blue jean fabric and bandana fabric and maybe try the round toe. I liked this pattern so much that I'm probably going to get the little girl Mary Jane pattern also.

When downloading the pictures off my camera I thought these ones where cute. The first one is Abby's mother Roo looking down on her babies and grandbaby "in jail." They where in the backyard playing while we where trimming nails so only three of them have made it into jail. These three jailbirds are Condi (Abby's sister), Abby, and Stitch (Abby's nephew).

The second one is Abby enjoying her couch sleeping time. She is not allowed on the couch at home so she spends as much time on it as she can when she goes for a visit to see her family.

And after a long day of running the field and playing with her family she was wore out!


  1. Your little boots are so cute. What a wonderful idea for a little buck a roo. I think I may have to try and find the pattern. Poor Abby I am glad she got some rest.

  2. Thanks Donna, you can find the pattern here:

    They where pretty easy even for a beginner! The soles are the hardest part. Please post them if you do them, would love to see how they turn out for you!

  3. Those are the CUTEST ever!!! Oh my goodness, I love love love them!!! Too bad my babies are too big for those now....I'd have to have some!!! (I'd wear them now...lol) Those furbabies are adorable too!!! I'm an animal lover big time!!!
    Yes I'm in the DFW area and we got snow, but it didn't stick, our friends to the east and north are the ones that got the pretty blankets of snow....Hope you have a wonderful Saturday!!

  4. Great Blog Christine! We have a basset too how funny!


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