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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ovarian Cancer Quilt Project

Cancer and the cure for it is something very close to my heart. My mother died when I was 12 years old of cancer and I do not want that same thing to happen to me or to my children. So my Aunt and cousin have participated ever year in the MD Anderson Ovarian Cancer Quilt Project for many years and I also started participating every year. Last September a large group of us met and worked on the quilts and than we all took one home to finish up. My cousin and I were on the design team and you can see us designing quilts on the wall in this pic:

Here is my finished quilt that will be up for auction: Pin It

It's hand quilted and has a beautiful turquoise backing. My mother loved hearts and collected them, if you zoom in you can see the hearts quilted into it.

The auction for all of the quilts will be held October 26th - November 3rd. For more information you can go to the website here.


  1. Beautiful work Christine. What a great thing to do.

  2. Wonderful job!! Beautiful quilt too!!!


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