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Friday, February 4, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside....

It's very cold here in Texas. Most of the state is snowed in. Sadly we are only iced in here in the Houston area no snow for us! The good news is that the hubby is home from work since the roads are pretty much undriveable. The other news is that my very good friend is getting married tomorrow and we have her rehearsal and rehearsal dinner tonight. We are going to try head out this afternoon when everything thaws. Hopefully it thaws enough for everyone to make it! They are telling us it will snow tonight maybe mother nature will bless my friend with a blanket of snow when she wakes up on her wedding morning! All us girls are staying in some cabins at the facility. So it should be fun!


  1. ooh, ice is no fun especially when there's a wedding in store!! Be safe on those streets and enjoy the wonderful wedding!! Sounds fun!!! and Best Wishes to your friend!!

  2. I recognize my old stompin grounds, the fountain near the Old Navy ...we lived in that area for 14 years, but now live close to the beach. No snow for us here. HAppy Quilting!


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